Drum performer from Arecibo, Puerto Rico; José Rodríguez better known as “gato”, unites drumming, breakdancing & skateboarding to create an unforgettable show.

Due to his past as a skater, he developed a different style of Drumming in Puerto Rico. He’s not your typical jazz or rock drummer, but an excellent drum live performer mixing music with DJ’s and musicians playing fusion Jazz, Funk, Drum & Bass, Latin, Hip Hop and Electronic using live samples. He is also known for doing skate and music demos teaching the discipline of music, sports and health influencing
positively youth and adults..

His drumming complements the musical idea of S A C H, a band that mixes different genres like Funk, Jazz & Electronic creating futuristic melodies. gato Rodríguez has been working this musical project as the official S A C H drummer in collaboration with William Cruz Ruiz, a 6 string bass player.

Also, gato is currently a Drum Teacher at Soundbox, School of Music and Arts in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He works with his good friend Saúl Figueroa, President of Soundbox.

gato also enjoys doing street beats, where he travels different spots of Puerto Rico to perform and record improvised beats.

Besides his drum teaching and musical projects, he is currently involved doing activities for the youth.

gato is an official Diril Cymbals Artist.